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regular member EADSM

Regular member

This membership is an upgrade of the EADSM Affiliate membership.

The EADSM Affiliate member can upgrade to EADSM Regular member gaining identical rights as the EADSM Full member, with the exception of the on-line subscription to Sleep & Breathing.

This type of membership holds:

  • unlimited access to EADSM website including the literature review archive
  • monthly  literature review of interesting scientific publications
  • full reductions for registration fees of EADSM courses
  • being able to apply for EADSM accreditation
  • eligible to become board member
  • present via the “Find a dentist” search tool for colleagues and patients


Membership fee

The membership fee for Regular Member is € 85,- per annum.
Additional subscription to Sleep & Breathing journal for on-line access is possible but this requires becoming a full member.

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